Success comes in many forms and for a pupil or student to make progress in an area in which they previously struggled constitutes success. However to date our pupils and students have accumulated:


  • Thirteen scholarships to local independent schools,
  • Excellent GCSE results including A*’s,
  • Outstanding SAT’S results and Phonics test results,
  • Several first class honours degrees,
  • Numerous 2.1 degrees.
  • Two MA’s.
  • Two PGDE's.
  • Huge improvements in reading abilities.
  • Overcoming fear of maths.
  • Students who have previously never attained qualifications achieving certificates.
  • Success in IELTS for English as a Second Language.
  • Confidence in giving presentations and using Power point.
  • Improvements in handwriting.
  • Results for 2018 include 4 Grade 5' in English Language and three 2.1 Honours Degrees.

We have found that whatever the situation, language or culture, the ability to enable pupils and students to improve their communication skills and learning ability is a great gift. We intend to continue to develop this skill for the benefit of our clients so that they may reach a level of excellence that will lead to outstanding results and improve their lives.


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