boy1There are so many so called new ideas which sweep across education and one of the latest is Singapore Maths.

Here at Educational Superstars I have been teaching the traditional methods for many years and my aim has always been for each child to reach their full potential. Singapore Maths also has this aim.

By tailoring my teaching methods to the individual child I am able to develop their understanding, knowledge and their ability to apply these newly learned skills .I am happy to use any materials and methods to ensure that my pupils do not get left behind and are able to succeed.

Because I am a very experienced teacher I have many methods which I am able to employ to ensure that children develop in their Literacy and Numeracy.

Singapore Maths employs the very best educators who are subject specialists. They attribute their successes to the very best teachers.

Here at Educational Superstars you will find that I can offer the highest of qualifications with a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom, which will ensure that your child makes exceptional progress and achieves new confidence in their abilities.

I look forward to the privilege of being able to work with you for the benefit of your child and trust that whatever the methods used, progress will be made.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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