Why a Dyslexia Assessment is vitally important.

Have you ever wondered if you or your loved ones are dyslexic?Am I Dyslexic

I am sure many of us have!
It usually begins with a niggling doubt in our minds and some Google searching which seems to point to a number of symptoms that we are experiencing.
Suddenly we are convinced that dyslexia is the culprit which is ruining our lives or making us struggle!
It is important at this stage to follow up your instincts.
Mums in particular are very intuitive about their children and often know that something is causing problems!
But it is usually at this point that the struggle begins.
School are sometimes not open to discussing dyslexia and assessments. Parents often feel that their concerns are not taken seriously. They usually end up feeling desperate. They don’t know where to turn!
Don’t worry!

Here at Educational Superstars your concerns will be taken seriously!

We are able to offer full dyslexia assessments by a highly experienced and fully qualified assessor who will also consider the possibility of other specific learning difficulties such as Dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism. In addition to these, Irlen Syndrome can be investigated.
The highest care will be taken so that you can understand your child’s or loved one’s needs and the implications for them in their future lives.
We take hours to thoroughly assess and write a report with recommendations for support and examination concessions. Children may be entitled to extra time in examinations and/or the use of a laptop. Schools may be legally obligated to support the child in areas where they are not meeting national standards.

We can give you sound advice about these aspects, including national policies and requirements.
In the work place,reasonable adjustments must be made for employees with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties.

How can this benefit you and your family?

The benefits of a dyslexia assessment are enormous, not least because you will understand your strengths and weaknesses and why you struggle in certain areas. Some people have come to us for assessments just because they have always wondered if they had dyslexia and just “wanted to know”. It has made them feel relieved that they finally understand that they are not stupid after all, just dyslexic!
 Parents will gain a deep insight into their children and why they behave as they do. Children will feel relieved that they are not “dumb”! They will understand what causes them to struggle with certain things.
Dyslexia and specific learning difficulties do not have a stigma attached to them anymore. They are covered under the Disability Discrimination Act and reasonable adjustments must be made for them at school and in the work place.
Therefore an assessment can only be a positive step to take to gain understanding and clarity in the situation. In our opinion assessments are vital to show compassion to individuals who struggle and don’t know why. Assessments furnish the key to their past, present and future and can only be positive. The benefits of an assessment will be reaped throughout the person’s life as they become able to understand their condition and how to develop strategies for success.

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