Parents are sometimes aware that their child is struggling at school, but often feel frustrated by the response of class teachers. It is common for parents to believe that their child is capable of more and generally this is true. However, class teachers have to conform to national averages and targets and have large classes. They do try to support pupils who are struggling but this is difficult in a class setting. They are not always free to employ alternative methods or develop parts of the curriculum more fully due to the prescribed amount of content of the National Curriculum.
If you are currently tearing your hair out because you are worried about your child’s progress there is hope in the form of private tuition by a specialist teacher!
A specialist teacher is one who is trained to look for the signs of processing difficulties, which may be due to dyslexia or dyspraxia. There may be other conditions present such as Irlen Syndrome or ADHD.

Research has proved that teaching methods used by specialist teachers are beneficial for all pupils regardless of whether they have dyslexia or dyspraxia, as they use over learning and reinforcement techniques. Reading schemes and approaches which are used by specialist teachers have been identified to benefit whole classes.

Private tuition given by specialist teachers therefore employs teaching methods that are both traditional and creative. The specialist teacher has a huge number of methods from which to choose and is able to assess and analyse the problems of the child on an individual basis and to create a unique learning programme for them.

The specialist teacher often develops a special understanding of the child and can enable parents to gain an insight into a host of problems. Games and fun activities can be used to allow the child to relax and begin to enjoy learning, especially in the areas where they struggle. Techniques can aim to extend concentration span.

Private tuition can also be used to enrich the curriculum and to develop and deepen skills in areas where the child is under confident. It is not uncommon for children to make huge amounts of progress very quickly and for their confidence, self-esteem and motivation to improve dramatically.

Gifted and talented children can often be a worry for parents too as understandably parents do not want to feel that their child is being held back in a class setting. Specialist teachers once again have the skills and expertise to develop extension programmes for the child. Individual learning programmes can encourage and stretch children to build upon their gifts and talents.
The experienced private tutor will work with the school to reinforce the curriculum and support the class teacher in areas where they would like the child to improve.

Do you feel as if you need someone to talk to about your child? Someone who is on your side? Someone who understands your anguish and wants to help you? I have fulfilled that role many times.

The specialist private tutor often becomes a friend and support to the whole family as they discuss the difficulties they are experiencing. They are able to advise on educational policies and legislation and to develop a plan of action to address the situation.
Over the years I have been able to make a difference to a huge number of children, teenagers and adults as I have got along side them and their families and listened to them sympathetically. My special training and vast experience has enabled me to find solutions to many educational and behavioural problems.

The difficulties that a child may experience at school impact on the wider family, including grandparents and may often are the cause of arguments as parents, siblings aunties, uncles and grandparents become confused about the best way forward.

I can help you. For all sorts of reasons, especially peace in the home and the knowledge that you are doing your best for your child, contact me today. I can give you friendly and caring advice about the best way forward. I look forward to hearing from you.