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Over the years Educational Superstars has been involved in private and home tutoring for a wide range of ages and abilities. One thing has been clear and that is that tuition makes the difference between passing and failing, between C grades and A *, between degree grades of 2:2 and achieving 2:1 and often even 1st class honours.

Personal tuition is based upon the individual’s requirements and aims to improve areas of weakness. In particular the tutor encourages excellent study skills and habits and develops independent learning.

Tutors are also able to really get to know their pupils and students and to build up a relationship of trust. They are able to provide a tailor-made learning programme, aiming for the highest and best possible outcomes in learning.

At Educational Superstars we are used to our pupils progressing very quickly and improving their reading levels in particular. Confidence is gained through small steps of success and pupils and students soon start to believe in their own abilities.

Many parents have commented that their children have made amazing progress when they have attended our learning programmes. For example, recently one pupil has caught up on eighteen months of work to achieve outstanding results in her KS2 SAT’s.
Pupils often zoom ahead in their school reading programmes. All round confidence is also achieved in other subjects and children begin to engage in learning activities and enjoy school.

In return, the satisfaction we achieve at Educational Superstars is tremendous, when we stop to think about the countless number of children and adults whose lives have been transformed by professional tutoring at the highest level.
 Many dreams have been fulfilled because examinations have been passed and success has been achieved, where previously there had only been failure.

The benefits of such personal care and attention will be appreciated for years to come because the individual will be able to fulfil their academic career and also their job aspirations.
So we look forward to hearing from you to discover how we can be of help to you in providing outstanding private tuition to you and yours.
Contact us now by phone or e mail. We are waiting to hear from you.

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