Summer Boot camp Tutoring Sessions.

boy1Want to give your child the best start in September?
Why not consider my summer boot camp?
In my experience, children benefit from a daily lesson over summer to encourage thorough learning of times tables, handwriting and spelling.
Half hour or one hour sessions for one week will greatly enhance your child’s basic skills.
This approach also helps them to brush up on their skills and improve their performance for high school entry.
It is vital that children are performing well when they first attend their new high school to ensure that their scores are maximised and they are put into the correct sets.
Children who wish to take entrance examinations for independent schools will also benefit from extra tuition at this time.
For those who are embarking on Year 11 and the run up to GCSE’s the summer provides an opportunity to work on their weaknesses to bring them up to standard.

Summer boot camp tutoring sessions are fun and exciting and prizes are awarded for exceptional progress.

They enable the child to develop higher self esteem and confidence and to look forward to going back to school in September.
All levels of the curriculum can be catered for and all the programmes are based on the individual’s needs.
Why not contact me today to discuss the best way forward, to see immediate progress in your child?
You will be amazed and delighted with the results!

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