Happy New Year -2017-A Year of Consistency


Following all the festivities, Educational Superstars are already into the first few days of 2017 and already thinking ahead to impending examination dates!

This year, examinations are being spread out, from the beginning of January to the end of June, at various levels. Students are beginning to take some GCSE subjects, hopeful primary school children are taking entrance examinations and even university students are enduring examinations!

Academic success, like all other success in life, is founded on consistency. It would be futile for an Olympian to train once a week to achieve a gold medal. Their training requires a consistent approach, following a detailed and individual plan.image1

The same is true of examinations. Subjects should be studied daily to ensure that they are mastered .A consistent approach means that information is transferred from the short term to the long term memory. Consequently, learning of the knowledge required takes place and does not disappear in a short time.

When people of all ages have some short term memory problems it is even more vital that they over learn information and techniques. Over learning requires the subject to be revisited until the learner can recall it efficiently every time they are confronted with a question about it.

 Educational Superstars is consistent in its approach to teaching and learning. It focuses on subjects until they are grasped and the time scale for this varies from individual to individual. Even when it is felt that something has been grasped it is often revisited to check recall. Topics are also presented in various forms to encourage problem solving skills.

Currently regular daily exercises are given to learners to reinforce their skills. A little and often is the best approach to developing many skills. Educational Superstars works in harmony with parents, to encourage a good work ethic. As a result of this our pupils and students gain exceptional results in their studies.


Fiona Julia Walmsley

boy1There are so many so called new ideas which sweep across education and one of the latest is Singapore Maths.

Here at Educational Superstars I have been teaching the traditional methods for many years and my aim has always been for each child to reach their full potential. Singapore Maths also has this aim.

By tailoring my teaching methods to the individual child I am able to develop their understanding, knowledge and their ability to apply these newly learned skills .I am happy to use any materials and methods to ensure that my pupils do not get left behind and are able to succeed.

Because I am a very experienced teacher I have many methods which I am able to employ to ensure that children develop in their Literacy and Numeracy.

Singapore Maths employs the very best educators who are subject specialists. They attribute their successes to the very best teachers.

Here at Educational Superstars you will find that I can offer the highest of qualifications with a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom, which will ensure that your child makes exceptional progress and achieves new confidence in their abilities.

I look forward to the privilege of being able to work with you for the benefit of your child and trust that whatever the methods used, progress will be made.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Personal tuition or tutoring
Over the years Educational Superstars has been involved in private and home tutoring for a wide range of ages and abilities. One thing has been clear and that is that tuition makes the difference between passing and failing, between C grades and A *, between degree grades of 2:2 and achieving 2:1 and often even 1st class honours.

Personal tuition is based upon the individual’s requirements and aims to improve areas of weakness. In particular the tutor encourages excellent study skills and habits and develops independent learning.

Tutors are also able to really get to know their pupils and students and to build up a relationship of trust. They are able to provide a tailor-made learning programme, aiming for the highest and best possible outcomes in learning.

At Educational Superstars we are used to our pupils progressing very quickly and improving their reading levels in particular. Confidence is gained through small steps of success and pupils and students soon start to believe in their own abilities.

Many parents have commented that their children have made amazing progress when they have attended our learning programmes. For example, recently one pupil has caught up on eighteen months of work to achieve outstanding results in her KS2 SAT’s.
Pupils often zoom ahead in their school reading programmes. All round confidence is also achieved in other subjects and children begin to engage in learning activities and enjoy school.

In return, the satisfaction we achieve at Educational Superstars is tremendous, when we stop to think about the countless number of children and adults whose lives have been transformed by professional tutoring at the highest level.
 Many dreams have been fulfilled because examinations have been passed and success has been achieved, where previously there had only been failure.

The benefits of such personal care and attention will be appreciated for years to come because the individual will be able to fulfil their academic career and also their job aspirations.
So we look forward to hearing from you to discover how we can be of help to you in providing outstanding private tuition to you and yours.
Contact us now by phone or e mail. We are waiting to hear from you.

Why a Dyslexia Assessment is vitally important.

Have you ever wondered if you or your loved ones are dyslexic?Am I Dyslexic

I am sure many of us have!
It usually begins with a niggling doubt in our minds and some Google searching which seems to point to a number of symptoms that we are experiencing.
Suddenly we are convinced that dyslexia is the culprit which is ruining our lives or making us struggle!
It is important at this stage to follow up your instincts.
Mums in particular are very intuitive about their children and often know that something is causing problems!
But it is usually at this point that the struggle begins.
School are sometimes not open to discussing dyslexia and assessments. Parents often feel that their concerns are not taken seriously. They usually end up feeling desperate. They don’t know where to turn!
Don’t worry!

Here at Educational Superstars your concerns will be taken seriously!

We are able to offer full dyslexia assessments by a highly experienced and fully qualified assessor who will also consider the possibility of other specific learning difficulties such as Dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism. In addition to these, Irlen Syndrome can be investigated.
The highest care will be taken so that you can understand your child’s or loved one’s needs and the implications for them in their future lives.
We take hours to thoroughly assess and write a report with recommendations for support and examination concessions. Children may be entitled to extra time in examinations and/or the use of a laptop. Schools may be legally obligated to support the child in areas where they are not meeting national standards.

We can give you sound advice about these aspects, including national policies and requirements.
In the work place,reasonable adjustments must be made for employees with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties.

How can this benefit you and your family?

The benefits of a dyslexia assessment are enormous, not least because you will understand your strengths and weaknesses and why you struggle in certain areas. Some people have come to us for assessments just because they have always wondered if they had dyslexia and just “wanted to know”. It has made them feel relieved that they finally understand that they are not stupid after all, just dyslexic!
 Parents will gain a deep insight into their children and why they behave as they do. Children will feel relieved that they are not “dumb”! They will understand what causes them to struggle with certain things.
Dyslexia and specific learning difficulties do not have a stigma attached to them anymore. They are covered under the Disability Discrimination Act and reasonable adjustments must be made for them at school and in the work place.
Therefore an assessment can only be a positive step to take to gain understanding and clarity in the situation. In our opinion assessments are vital to show compassion to individuals who struggle and don’t know why. Assessments furnish the key to their past, present and future and can only be positive. The benefits of an assessment will be reaped throughout the person’s life as they become able to understand their condition and how to develop strategies for success.

Summer Boot camp Tutoring Sessions.

boy1Want to give your child the best start in September?
Why not consider my summer boot camp?
In my experience, children benefit from a daily lesson over summer to encourage thorough learning of times tables, handwriting and spelling.
Half hour or one hour sessions for one week will greatly enhance your child’s basic skills.
This approach also helps them to brush up on their skills and improve their performance for high school entry.
It is vital that children are performing well when they first attend their new high school to ensure that their scores are maximised and they are put into the correct sets.
Children who wish to take entrance examinations for independent schools will also benefit from extra tuition at this time.
For those who are embarking on Year 11 and the run up to GCSE’s the summer provides an opportunity to work on their weaknesses to bring them up to standard.

Summer boot camp tutoring sessions are fun and exciting and prizes are awarded for exceptional progress.

They enable the child to develop higher self esteem and confidence and to look forward to going back to school in September.
All levels of the curriculum can be catered for and all the programmes are based on the individual’s needs.
Why not contact me today to discuss the best way forward, to see immediate progress in your child?
You will be amazed and delighted with the results!
Parents are sometimes aware that their child is struggling at school, but often feel frustrated by the response of class teachers. It is common for parents to believe that their child is capable of more and generally this is true. However, class teachers have to conform to national averages and targets and have large classes. They do try to support pupils who are struggling but this is difficult in a class setting. They are not always free to employ alternative methods or develop parts of the curriculum more fully due to the prescribed amount of content of the National Curriculum.
If you are currently tearing your hair out because you are worried about your child’s progress there is hope in the form of private tuition by a specialist teacher!
A specialist teacher is one who is trained to look for the signs of processing difficulties, which may be due to dyslexia or dyspraxia. There may be other conditions present such as Irlen Syndrome or ADHD.

Research has proved that teaching methods used by specialist teachers are beneficial for all pupils regardless of whether they have dyslexia or dyspraxia, as they use over learning and reinforcement techniques. Reading schemes and approaches which are used by specialist teachers have been identified to benefit whole classes.

Private tuition given by specialist teachers therefore employs teaching methods that are both traditional and creative. The specialist teacher has a huge number of methods from which to choose and is able to assess and analyse the problems of the child on an individual basis and to create a unique learning programme for them.

The specialist teacher often develops a special understanding of the child and can enable parents to gain an insight into a host of problems. Games and fun activities can be used to allow the child to relax and begin to enjoy learning, especially in the areas where they struggle. Techniques can aim to extend concentration span.

Private tuition can also be used to enrich the curriculum and to develop and deepen skills in areas where the child is under confident. It is not uncommon for children to make huge amounts of progress very quickly and for their confidence, self-esteem and motivation to improve dramatically.

Gifted and talented children can often be a worry for parents too as understandably parents do not want to feel that their child is being held back in a class setting. Specialist teachers once again have the skills and expertise to develop extension programmes for the child. Individual learning programmes can encourage and stretch children to build upon their gifts and talents.
The experienced private tutor will work with the school to reinforce the curriculum and support the class teacher in areas where they would like the child to improve.

Do you feel as if you need someone to talk to about your child? Someone who is on your side? Someone who understands your anguish and wants to help you? I have fulfilled that role many times.

The specialist private tutor often becomes a friend and support to the whole family as they discuss the difficulties they are experiencing. They are able to advise on educational policies and legislation and to develop a plan of action to address the situation.
Over the years I have been able to make a difference to a huge number of children, teenagers and adults as I have got along side them and their families and listened to them sympathetically. My special training and vast experience has enabled me to find solutions to many educational and behavioural problems.

The difficulties that a child may experience at school impact on the wider family, including grandparents and may often are the cause of arguments as parents, siblings aunties, uncles and grandparents become confused about the best way forward.

I can help you. For all sorts of reasons, especially peace in the home and the knowledge that you are doing your best for your child, contact me today. I can give you friendly and caring advice about the best way forward. I look forward to hearing from you.
Welcome to the world of Educational Superstars and our first blog.


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