Success comes in many forms and for a pupil or student to make progress in an area in which they previously struggled constitutes success. However to date our pupils and students have accumulated:


  • Thirteen scholarships to local independent schools,
  • Excellent GCSE results including A*’s,
  • Outstanding SAT’S results and Phonics test results,
  • Several first class honours degrees,
  • Numerous 2.1 degrees.
  • Two MA’s.
  • Two PGDE's.
  • Huge improvements in reading abilities.
  • Overcoming fear of maths.
  • Students who have previously never attained qualifications achieving certificates.
  • Success in IELTS for English as a Second Language.
  • Confidence in giving presentations and using Power point.
  • Improvements in handwriting.

We have found that whatever the situation, language or culture, the ability to enable pupils and students to improve their communication skills and learning ability is a great gift. We intend to continue to develop this skill for the benefit of our clients so that they may reach a level of excellence that will lead to outstanding results and improve their lives. your social media marketing partner

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